VNI History

The company was formed in 1994 as Telecom Consult International, Inc. in the Commonwealth of Virginia, which basically was performing international telecommunication consulting for almost ten years in Canada, Israel, Malaysia, and Thailand. In 2003 the corporate named was changed to Vision Networks, Inc. and then a decision was made to focus on the domestic U. S. Government IT market sensing that the Telecommunication and Information Technology market were converging. Since 2003 VNI has been moderately successful, then with a lull in projects for two years becoming more active in 2006 and continued to thrive as a going concern with growing revenue, and without any debt since then.

Vision Networks Inc’s first major success was the development of a pilot litigation support system to the Department of Justice's Executive office of US Attorneys (EOUSA). The constraints imposed on the development of the pilot system included that the software used should be only commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) and, further, the software must additionally have been a pre-approved product by the Department of Justice Information Management Division. Vision networks Inc successfully integrated all these COTS products into a centrally managed and delivered package that could be accessed via a web browser. In addition to accessibility, VNI also demonstrated to the EOUSA the data integration allowing the paralegals to search through the evidentiary data and make correlations that hitherto were all done manually. The efficiency of the integrated litigation support system was demonstrated very well by an already-tried test case where the data correlation was cut to less than half the time than that of a classical manual approach.

The second success and major achievement of the company was at the Department of Homeland Security, US Citizenship and Immigration Services. It was the migration of a central organizational database using unsupported software and running on a failing, legacy unsupported hardware platform to an all-new high-performance computing and storage system on fully supported database software. This was a production database that handled the core of the United States' citizenship process. The system was originally located in Dallas, TX on an old Siemens E70 platform and was moved to all new Sun platform located in Washington, DC, and then, upon government mid-flight change in direction, to Manassas, VA. VNI was responsible for planning all the activities that included, hardware procurement and installation, implementation of the databases and coordination of the cutover with minimal disruption of the business process. In addition VNI was responsible for coordinating the network connectivity to the new location and in decommissioning the legacy platform. VNI played a key “people coordination” role as it was best placed to do by virtue of its deep bench of prior experience in this area.

The subsequent success worth mentioning was the implementation of a system that allowed the British Government to collect fingerprints of prospective visitors who were non-US Citizens traveling from the US to the UK.

The British government spelled out the requirement as the UKVisas project wherein the fingerprints of non-US Citizens requesting to travel visas to the UK were collected at the Applications Service Centers operated by the Department of Homeland Security, US Citizenship and Immigration Services. These fingerprints were then securely transmitted to UKVisas receiving point in Britain that vetted it thru the British fingerprint matching system in order to determine legibility for grant of entry visa into the UK. VNI was responsible for the complete planning and execution of the fingerprint collection and transmission phase of this project. The major achievement was the successful negotiation with UKvisas to determine the privacy impact since personal identifiable information was being handled and to prove that the transmission as secure enough to prevent compromising the data during transit.

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