Louis R. D'Alessandro, President, Vision Networks Inc.

Mr. D'Alessandro is a professional telecommunications executive with over forty years of engineering, operations, planning, financial management, and computer services experience in leading and advising organizations providing telecommunications services.

Today, Mr. D'Alessandro manages the development and maintenance of all VNI resources engaged in delivering services and support for commercial and Government customers. Provides the oversight, guidance and direction for developing new opportunities involving partnering with other business groups to pursue new work either directly, or as part of omnibus contracts for information technology support services. Develops and maintains software tool resources for use in conjunction with activities. Provides oversight and guidance for developing winning proposals, program management and accomplishing world class delivery of network services and products. Initiate and direct business development. Formulate and implemented strategic business plan. Develop extensive relationships and alliances with customers and partners to advance corporate reputation and market penetration. Responsible for developing all aspects of professional services line of business with the federal government. Plan and develop company infrastructure (business development, HR, accounting, contracts, etc.).

Mr. D'Alessandro had a 34-year career at AT&T in the engineering, operations, and marketing departments. Most recently he served as Vice President at SAIC as Task Leader of the STARS-SMI INS Data Communications Support Group in Washington, DC. After retiring from AT&T he was the General Manager for International Systems at Hekimian Laboratories for seven years and then founded Telecom Consult International, Inc. in 1993 now known as Vision Networks, Inc., (VNI) a firm dedicated to information technology systems integration. The firm has been involved in telecom infrastructure projects in South Africa, Canada, Israel, Croatia, Bosnia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Egypt, Philippines, Thailand, and Tunisia. More recently VNI was contracted by The U. S. Citizenship and Immigration services to architect its databases. In 2003 VNI was contracted by West Virginia University to support automated litigation support for the U. S. Attorneys. As a lead engineer in transmission system deployment, he contributed to the implementation of ATM/SONET digital transmission systems. As an executive engineering manager in telecommunications systems deployment, he contributed to the operations of modern telecommunications and information technology systems. He has experience that addresses many facets of telecommunications and requirements necessary to architect large telephone and data communications networks including network management and helpdesk operations. In performing these tasks, his experience and expertise was recognized by representing his clients in a distinguished manner in worldwide standards and technical committees. In addition, Mr. D'Alessandro is a current FAA Certified Flight Instructor and has complete knowledge of the air traffic control system as both a user and implementer. Currently, Mr. D’Alessandro is a Professor at George Mason University at the College of Information Technology and Engineering. In this position he is responsible for the University’s role as the Regional Cisco Academy for 15 Local Academies currently providing CCNA certification training at high schools and junior colleges.

Professional Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Professional, 2000, Strayer University
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate Instructor
  • Certified Flight Instructor, Re-certified 2008, FAA
  • ITIL Certified


  • M.Sc., Telecommunications, 1980, George Washington University, Washington, DC
  • B.Sc., Electrical Engineering, 1966, Drexel Institute of Technology, Philadelphia, PA.
  • Advanced Studies in Electronics and Computer Design, Diploma, Credits to M. Sc.
  • Degree, 1970, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.
  • Executive Management Studies, 1981, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
  • Capital Investment and Financial Management Studies, 1983, Duke University, Fuqua School of Business, Durham, NC

Strategic Plans
• Defense Department Facility Restoration Plans for IWCS in Vietnam and Thailand
• First AT&T Nationwide fundamental Transmission Facility Plan
• Fundamental Plan for the Telephone Organization of Thailand

Technical Papers
• Combining academic studies with it certifications: Becoming a Cisco Regional Academy
• Conversion of Military Telecom Standards to Bell System Standards
• A Tutorial on Lightwave Communications
• Transmission Facility Policy - Digital or Analog?
• AT&T U.S. Government Project Specifications and Plan for the Continuity of Government
• U.S. State Department Telecommunications Training Programs Study for APEC Summit Meeting
• TDA IT Study for the Super MultiMedia Corridor in Malaysia

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