Patricia A. D'Alessandro, Vice President of Finance and Administration, Vision Networks Inc.

Mrs. D'Alessandro is a retired professional bank officer in the retail department directly interfacing with the main stream banking customers. She had fifteen years experience in banking operations. She has experience in sales, marketing, servicing customer accounts, operations, and personnel management. She managed Crestar's branch office at Ft. Belvoir, Virginia with accounts totaling over $40 million. Mrs. D'Alessandro's sales and marketing experience range in expertise in a variety of banking products, to mention a few, such as; money market accounts, certificate of deposits, consumer and business loans, equity lines and loans, ATM access cards, credit and debit cards, and safe deposit boxes. Her responsibilities and experience also included customer service for both business and personal accounts. These services include night deposit operations, credit line and cash management; trust services, investment services, notary service, and signature guarantee services. She has experience in vault and operational office security matters, ATM cash management, banking input/output terminal devices such as printers, CRT terminals, and ATM machines. Her personnel experience include management functions of all personnel at the branch, including scheduling, training, motivation, performance evaluation, and disposition of personnel improvement matters. As Vice President of Vision Networks, she is responsible for the maintenance of the corporate books and administrative matters and makes all financial decisions with the concurrence of the Chief Executive Officer.

In summary, Mrs. D'Alessandro is a seasoned financial manager with knowledge and experience in banking operations and is trusted to faithfully administer the accounts of the corporation and insure that sound financial decisions are made.

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