VNI Mission

The rapid advancement of technology development today makes it more difficult for the businesses to own, maintain, and manage IT services that keep pace with the new services that are offered with each new innovation in technology. Vision Networks introduces a total solution network concept based on business enterprise models. It offers a concept of leasing IT services and equipment as a more effective and efficient approach for delivering business services.

In today’s business environment there are various business processes that are required to achieve corporate missions. The IT infrastructure supporting business enterprises should be tailored to meet these needs. However, over a period of time, the rapid advancement of IT and fragmented deployment of new technologies becomes diverse because of the use of differing technology combinations. While software applications supporting each business process can be easily upgraded, the capability to keep pace with advancing IT in a uniform manner is becoming obvious to the user in degraded service resulting in declining efficiency, increased costs, and subsequent lost revenue.

An efficient and cost effective IT infrastructure can economically improve this situation. As a business process is identified and fine-tuned, an IT model to fit the process is developed and tested. When the model is deployed, software applications using the network will flow unimpeded. The new infrastructure will be Portal based where users will sign on to a single access point and conduct their business on a “one-stop-shop” basis. Depending on the size of the database the use of Storage Area Network (SAN) technology and distributed cache servers networked with Virtual Private Network (VPN) circuits will ensure security with increased transaction speed and reliability. Software applications can be delivered using centralized and distributed web sites where the users can perform their work and download files and software upgrades by simply using workstation browsers.

Vision Networks' mission is to provide these services and to operate and manage network operations from a central location providing customer service from a major support center that will provide data help desk support and network management control functions.

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