Information Technology Database Services

Design, implement, operate Database Capabilities that include; (1) Performance tuning - system method of determining performance bottlenecks and use of database event gathering and statistics generation to rapidly locate problem areas, generate resolution suggestions, and implement solutions, (2) Networking - use of Oracle RDBMS networking fundamentals in line with TCP/IP and/or IPX/SPX in providing full distributed database functionality in heterogeneous environments, (3) System Integration - full knowledge of oracle core database technology to place the appropriate database capability in the appropriate place, (4) Development Support - expert in coordinating with core development teams in initiating, mentoring, and implementing database-centric applications from a high performance, n-tier, maintainable, and robust system, (5) Maintenance/Monitoring - Will use a variety of tracking, auditing, and system behavior monitoring software packages to insure smooth system operation from an application, database, and OS perspective, and (6) Migration Expert in dbms-centric system location, application, and/or version migrations.

Key Benefits

  • Extensive Use of Database Tools
  • Rapid Data Retrieval
  • Consolidation of Data with Content Delivery
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