Past Performance

The prime VNI customer currently is the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), US Citizenship and Immigration Services. The VNI principals have had a long and fruitful relationship with the Office of Information Technology (OIT) at USCIS and have had personal relationships with the senior management well before the formation of DHS when it was the Immigration and Naturalization Services under the Department of Justice.

In addition to DHS VNI has had a long relationship with the Criminal Division at Department of Justice (DoJ). This is a key relationship that VNI is currently tapping into. The current IT branch chief at Criminal Division was one the pioneers who transitioned DoJ from the old Data General Eclipse terminal based data processing to the networked personal computer based computing and one of the VNI principals was a key advisor during that early transition in the mid 1990s.

VNI also has close ties with the IT Chief at the Office of Water, Environmental Protection Agency, which was cultivated in the early days of the now defunct Superfund program. One of the VNI principals was instrumental in establishing the first computing framework for the development of the River Reach File, which subsequently evolved into the Envirofacts system.

U.S. Citizen and Immigration Database Project

Counter Terrorism Mitigation Project

Automated Litigation Support


DHS - Department of Homeland Security
USCIS - U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services
DoJ - U.S. Department of Justice
DoJ EOUSA - Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys
EPA - Office of Water U.S. Enviornmental Protection Agency
GMU - George Mason University
WVU - West Virginia University


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