U.S. Citizen and Immigration Database Project (USCIS)

Vision Networks has been tasked to be the database architect and administrator for all USCIS databases. This project will bring USCIS into a prominent roll in supporting the Department of Homeland Security's integration and modernization efforts. Currently, USCIS is processing approximately six million Citizenship and Green Card applicants per year that can surge to 9 million with changes to immigration policy. These cases are stored in various databases requiring onerous searches on text, image, and fingerprint files. The databases house about 49 million cases which is an extraordinary amount of data. Vision Networks will support USCIS' Enterprise Architecture that move to one common database for each citizenship applicant, migration of legacy software applications to a modern case management system, and a Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) environment which is the current trend in the industry to provide a seamless, and an operating system agnostic environment for delivery of mission critical applications and their supporting databases.

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