VNI scientists and engineers are published subject matter experts.

Technical Papers by Arun K. Gurjale, CEO, Vision Networks Inc.
• Shock-boundary layer interaction in wind tunnel nozzle designs, Indian Aeronautical Journal, December 1974.
• Non-equilibrium boundary layers – a study to determine eddy structure, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, February 1976
• Computational methods for determining the dynamic stability of basic aerodynamic 2-D shapes, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, June 1976
• Preparation of several Proposals and Request for Proposals
• An enterprise design for modernizing the computing systems at US Department of Justice, Criminal Division, December 1993

Strategic Plans by Louis R. D'Alessandro, President, Vision Networks Inc.
• Defense Department Facility Restoration Plans for IWCS in Vietnam and Thailand
• First AT&T Nationwide fundamental Transmission Facility Plan
• Fundamental Plan for the Telephone Organization of Thailand

Technical Papers by Louis R. D'Alessandro, President, Vision Networks Inc.
• Combining academic studies with it certifications: Becoming a Cisco Regional Academy
• Conversion of Military Telecom Standards to Bell System Standards
• A Tutorial on Lightwave Communications
• Transmission Facility Policy - Digital or Analog?
• AT&T U.S. Government Project Specifications and Plan for the Continuity of Government
• U.S. State Department Telecommunications Training Programs Study for APEC Summit Meeting
• TDA IT Study for the Super MultiMedia Corridor in Malaysia

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