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Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM) VNI personnel were responsible for conducting a technology assessment of multimodal biometrics, in particular face and iris recognition, to retrofit the current fingerprint only IDENT biometric system.  This initiative to retrofit IDENT for face and iris recognition capability was in response to a Congressional mandate that required CBP to conduct exit checks of foreign aliens departing the USA at airports, seaports and land borders.  Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – Transportation Threat Assessment and Credentialing (TTAC) Organization VNI was tasked to be the Enterprise Architecture consultants that provide recommendations and support for TSA approval at the DHS Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence (EACOE) for Systems for approval and compliant.  This work involved the preparation of, Concept of Operations (CONOPS), Functional Requirements Document (FRD), Integrated Logistics Support Plan, Test and Evaluation Master Plan (TEMP), based on analysis of current and proposed improved business processes. U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services VNI personnel were tasked to coordinate the DHS data center consolidation effort at USCIS.  This was in response to a White House mandate for the DHS Components to relocate all their production systems from various current locations to two large DHS operated data centers.  USCIS was charged with relocating its production systems from its current datacenter location in Manassas, VA and Rockville, MD to the DHS Data Center in Mississippi.  This required a considerable amount of coordination and collaboration among the various business units and the information technology program managers. In addition Vision Networks was tasked to migrate 30,000 users from the ICE managed IRMNET Microsoft Active Directory forest to a new USCIS managed CIS1 Microsoft Active Directory forest. Executive Office of the United States Attorneys At the Department of Justice’s Executive Office of the U. S. Attorneys developed the Concept of Operations for Litigation Support, participated as the software designer and systems integrator with West Virginia University to develop an Automated Litigation Support System and the development of a Regional Automated Litigation Support Facility. The University with its subcontractor, Vision Networks, Inc. (VNI), has prepared the Project Plan, the Concept of Operations, a live demo of a working Automated Litigation Support System (ALSS) Portal accessing all the commercial litigation support software applications specified by the EOUSA in the MOU, and has digitized a previously litigated Large Case consisting of 105,869 documents. 
Significant Domestic Past Performance Task Orders