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Tadiran Corporation Israel o Prepared all technical documentation that included the operating manual and training instructions for Tadiran’s TDAX digital cross- connection system for T1 & T3 digital facility links.  Prepared course material and delivered classroom and laboratory instruction Canada o Delivered classroom and laboratory instruction in Edmonton and Vancouver for the TDAX digital cross-connection system. Hekimian Laboratories, Inc. South Africa o Prepared a report on the feasibility of using Hekimian’s automated digital testing system for the Telkom South Africa’s by on-site visitations at telecommunication offices in Johannesburg, Cape town, and Pretoria. o U. S. Trade and Development Agency Thailand, Indonesia, & Philippines o Prepared a report for the Asia Pacifica Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting on the capabilities of each countries telecommunications training facilities. This required visitations to Bandung - Indonesian, Manila - Philippines, and Bangkok- Thailand.  The report included classroom, laboratory and capabilities and course training material. Thailand o Prepared the Long-Range Fundament Plan for the Telecommunication Organization of Thailand (TOT). This required on site visitations to telephone office in five major cities. The report included ten-year long-range forecast of circuit requirements, transmission facility selection, building and outside plant construction, and pricing for all new construction and upgrading existing equipment, and the development of a new dial telephone numbering plan. Malaysia o Prepared a feasibility report for the introduction of U.S. Telephone manufacture’s opportunities for selling, deploying, and maintenance of telecommunications digital switching systems and wireless transmission systems. This involved attending a trade a trade show in Kuala Lumpur, seeking and meeting with qualified agents for the resale of U. S. made equipment and services. Once agents were identified we met with Telkom Malaysia engineering management.
Significant International  Past Performance Projects