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                                     Services and Capabilities   Network Engineering Design and Support Telecommunications and information technology infrastructure project planning Secure Wide Area Networks (WAN) over a Multi-Protocol Label Switched (MPLS) design Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private network (DMVPN) design Enterprise Architecture and Planning Analize current and future state of an enterprise from an integrated strategy, business, and technology perspective.  Strategize an acquisition strategy and develop the documentation to obtain approval for funding the implementation. Biometrics Identification Supports fingerprint based biometric database that provides identification services to Federal customers Facial and iris, being non-contact preferred biometric identifier Selecte the preferred vendor based on the optimal matching algorithm for speed and integration Business Process Re-engineering Analysis and documentation of the as-is business process with a focus on optimizing the process for more efficiency. UML modeling of use cases and socializing the re-engineered process with the user community to refine the model. Network Management and Security Operations Support Systems TMN and IT compliant operations. Support system applications Network management applications for analog, digital, and data telecommunications networks Data and Telecommunications Network Management Centers Proposal and RFP development for data network management systems using OpenView, CiscoWorks, Remedy, and Optivity. Traffic prioritization and quality of service appliances for efficient converged networks to optimize LAN and WAN bandwidth Hardware Support Router and Ethernet Switch configuration and support Server and PC workstation configuration and support Information Technology Secure Solutions Firewalls, Intrusion Detection Intrusion Prevention Firewall configuration (ACLs) Auditing and risk analysis & mitigation Penetration Testing Linkage analysis and social engineering Heuristics and traffic analysis